Scrum Alliance Newsletter- April 2014
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April 2014
In This Issue: Scrum Myths Busted | Expert Blog: Spotlight | Scrum Gathering India | Tips/Perspectives

Letter from the Managing Director

Earlier this month Scrum Alliance sponsored the ALM Forum held in Seattle. Scrum Alliance offered a free coaching clinic to all attendees, and Steve Denning, board member and award-winning author, delivered an inspiring keynote, "Transforming Management Through Agile."

Steve discussed the newly emerging Creative Economy, explaining that in this economy, the true “winners” are those companies that are able to delight their customers. We see this every day in thriving organizations such as Amazon and Google. You need agility and effective management to be able to successfully put the customer first in an ever-changing economic climate. You have to be able to move quickly to meet the needs of the customer.

I couldn’t agree with Steve more. "We must be informed and Agile during this time. Know who your customers are, know what they need, and be prepared to delight!" I encourage you to read more on this topic and others in Steve Denning's contributions to Scrum Alliance's Expert Blog: Spotlight and on his blog.

Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.


The Financial Benefits of Scrum
What does Scrum mean for your company's bottom line?
You often hear about the benefits of Scrum for teams and team members. Those benefits are real, and they can be significant. However, Scrum delivers beyond the team. It can drive tremendous financial benefits for organizations. Oddly enough, these financial benefits are rarely given much attention, even though return on investment is a big part of any organization's decision to commit time, resources, and money. So let's spend some time looking at how Scrum helps your bottom line. Read More ►

Scrum Myths Busted!
Scrum is still new to many businesses, especially outside of the IT industry, and many myths still surround it. Some myths are funny – and some are not. Take this survey and tell us the ones you encounter most often.
Take the Survey ►

Heartbleed Vulnerability
The Scrum Alliance server was patched on Thursday, April 10, and any potentially affected services restarted at that time. Furthermore, the SSL Certificate itself was reissued on Monday, April 14. While it is unknown whether any user credentials were exposed, there is very little that could be done with a compromised account. The larger issue is the potential for non-unique passwords to be used on otherwise unaffected sites. We recommend that you change your password if you have not done so since April 10. If you used the same password on any other site, you are strongly encouraged to change all such passwords to be unique (that is, used on only a single site) in order to minimize the effects from this or any future vulnerability.

There are many resources to help you understand the Heartbleed vulnerability. The best place to start might be the official website at, but if you don’t operate a website and are just interested in figuring out what steps you should take as a regular user, Mashable has a good list of The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now.

Read Our Expert Blog: Spotlight
Our expert bloggers Mike Cohn, Steve Denning, and Michele Sliger all posted new articles in Spotlight in the month of March. Read ideas from leading thinkers in the field about what makes an epic versus a theme, about top 10 practices in radical business management (part 4 in a series), and about valuable lessons ScrumMasters can learn from their teams. Share your opinions -- comment on them and start (or continue) a conversation.

Join us at Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014
D-Day is getting closer. Regional Scrum Gathering® India 2014, the Scrum carnival of South Asia, is scheduled for July 10-12 at the picturesque Trident Hotel in the IT hub of India's "City of Pearls," Hyderabad.

RSGI-14 is your chance to hobnob with CSTs, CSCs, and Scrum practitioners from across South and Southeast Asia. It will be a wonderful learning and networking platform both for those who are new to Scrum and for experienced Scrum practitioners.
The full 2-day pass to RSGI-14 gives you access to 5 session tracks, a full day of preconference workshops, 34 presentations, 4 workshops, 3 keynotes, the Coaches Clinic, Open Space, a panel discussion, and much more.
Click here for the complete details. Visit the gathering page to register today.
See you in Hyderabad!

Agile Atlas
Missed any articles on the Agile Atlas? Check them out here! The Atlas is growing in breadth and depth: Keep watching it. Remember, we’re always looking for new articles and new authors, so contact us. We look forward to seeing you as a reader, or better yet, as a contributor!


Scrum Tips

The Agile-o-Meter -- How Agile Is Your Organization?
I sometimes ask people where they feel their organization is on the path to Scrum or becoming Agile. The replies are always interesting and tell me more about the type of organization they work in and how it views itself than it does about how Agile they may be.

Read More ►

What’s in a Name? Could the Language We Use be Holding Us Back?
Over the last few years, Agile has acquired a lot of unwanted baggage. . . . However it has come about, the term "Agile" has -- in some circles -- become a loaded one.

Read More ►

ScrumMaster 2.0
Adopting a servant-leadership style makes you an effective ScrumMaster, one I call "ScrumMaster 2.0."

Read More ►


Blazed and Confused
So, your Agile transformation journey has been underway for a few weeks, a few months, or maybe almost a year. You have blazed a path toward agility.

Read More ►

The Fear of Agile Transformation
Based on my participation in software development teams since 1992 and my personal transformation to Agile in 2005, I believe that fear is one of the major contributing factors behind the resistance to an Agile transformation.

Read More ►


Global SCRUM GATHERING® New Orleans 2014
Registration is over 90% SOLD OUT! Register TODAY for the Global SCRUM GATHERING® New Orleans, May 5-7, 2014, to guarantee your spot. Secure your hotel TODAY at the Loews Hotel at a rate of $219/night. To book your room online, click here. Visit the Global SCRUM GATHERING® New Orleans website for more information.

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Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin 2014
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Global SCRUM GATHERING® Phoenix 2015
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2014 Scrum Coaching Retreats

Are you a current or aspiring Agile coach? Scrum Alliance is sponsoring three Scrum Coaching Retreats in 2014 in Europe, the U.S., and Southeast Asia. Visit the growing Scrum Coaching Retreats page for more details and registration.

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