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Implementing Scrum (Agile) and CMMI Together

02/04/2011 by Mary Sakry,Neil Potter

Cobblestones On The Road to Perdition

01/26/2011 by John Clifford

How to Convince Your CFO to Use Scrum

01/19/2011 by Jan Van den Nieuwenhof

Ouija Board Estimation

01/19/2011 by Paul Goddard

Soft Measures in Scrum Implementation

01/19/2011 by Haim Deutsch

Scrum Bangalore

01/19/2011 by Rahul Sah

Why Scrum Works

01/18/2011 by Om Band

Scrum in Angola

01/14/2011 by Alexandre Magno

The first CSM class was hold in Luanda

Getting RE-TRAINED To Be A ScrumMaster

01/11/2011 by Geoff Watts