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Can We Use Agile in SDLC Projects?

09/17/2013 by Suresh Bansal

Sneaky Scrum

The Enlightened Scrum Team

09/17/2013 by Ross Curtin

Manage Objectives, Actions, and Uncertainty in Scrum

09/16/2013 by Glen Wang

Loving Kindness and Wisdom

The Burden of True Agility

09/13/2013 by Aakash Srinivasan,Vivek Angiras

Face-Off: Marketing, Management, and Delivery

09/12/2013 by Raghu Angara, CSP

(In the Agile Space)

Interpretation of Scrum

09/12/2013 by Manuj Desai

Agile and Its Value

09/11/2013 by saurabh mittal

Part 1: Where Is It Going Wrong?