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Break in Case of Emergency

10/29/2013 by Ricardo Gabriel Martinez Zorrero

How to Use Scrum for Rescuing Projects in Danger

Pig and Chicken Revisited

10/28/2013 by Haim Deutsch

Muchos Caciques y Pocos Desarrolladores

10/28/2013 by Gabriel Leonardo Morris Sarmiento

Reduced Value of Consecutive Releases

10/25/2013 by Emile Bakker

Ever-Reducing Value of New Functionality

Agile Software Sustainment in a Government Organization

10/25/2013 by Tina Johnson

"The Agile Experiment"

Promoviendo el Refactoring

10/24/2013 by David Caicedo

Adopción de técnicas de Clean Code

Instinctual Drift

10/24/2013 by Todd Wilson

Tackling the Scrum Challenge in a Large-Scale Digital Program

10/23/2013 by Noman Rana

Real-Life Issues Addressed with Real-Time Solutions

The Fear Factor

10/23/2013 by Lizzy Morris

Let's Remove It

Dealing with Bugs in the Product Backlog

10/22/2013 by Anurag Prakash