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Large-Scale Agile Transformation Approach

12/19/2014 by Vijaya Kumar Bandaru

Dual-Track Scrum

12/18/2014 by Kam Zaman

Product Backlog Flows

12/18/2014 by Robert Boyd

Agile Is Just a Bend, Not the End!

12/17/2014 by Ebin Poovathany

The importance of continuous improvement

Pulse Check: Product Owner Disappearance Syndrome (PODS)

12/16/2014 by SAVVY KATHAM

Product owner role and responsibilities

Failure: The Proudest Moment

12/16/2014 by Rick Waters

How failure can strengthen a team

How Tools Are Helpful in Automation Testing

12/15/2014 by Arun Kumar M

Agile in automation testing

The Scrum Retrospective


An opportunity for the team to improve

Why Teams Fail During Agile Transformation

12/12/2014 by Somashree Bhattacharya