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The Pursuit of Enterprise Agility

11/12/2014 by Aakash Srinivasan

The Value of Scrum to Organizations

11/12/2014 by Dr. Dave Cornelius

A Case Study

Scrum Versus SAFe

11/11/2014 by Devsena Mishra

The PMI Process Versus the Scrum Framework

11/10/2014 by Eduardo Hernández Rangel

Some thoughts about the two methods

Automation and Virtualization

11/10/2014 by Madhavi Ledalla

"Best buddies" to reap the fruits of continuous integration and delivery in Agile

The Power of a Whiteboard During Meetings

11/07/2014 by Deepak Joshi

Despite other means of capturing meeting notes and ideas, the significance of the whiteboard remains

The Idea and Rationale of Sprint Zero

11/06/2014 by Jaya Shrivastava

How Sprint Zero helps the development team


11/06/2014 by Raul Herranz

A possible meaning for the acronym

Test-Driven Development Surveillance

11/05/2014 by Vinay Krishna

Common Misinterpretations

Key Takeaways from a CSM Workshop

11/04/2014 by Subramaniam Ramasubramanian