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Applying Lean to Scrum

11/04/2014 by Satyajit Sarangi

Pigs and Painting

11/03/2014 by Shane Tanzymore

How Much Skin Is in Your Transformation?

The Hackathon: Free Your Mind

10/31/2014 by Greg Corbin

. . . Or at least your team's mind

Enterprise Agile Adoption

10/30/2014 by Alok Kumar,Frank Castagna,John Maher

Challenges and Considerations

A Game of Imagination

10/30/2014 by Deepak Joshi

A simple Scrum game helpful in building team cohesion and breaking the ice for shy teammates


10/29/2014 by Gautam Ramamurthy

A technique to help teams be Agile

Performance Appraisals and ScrumMasters

10/28/2014 by Frank Castagna,Ravishankar N

Challenges in the performance evaluation of Scrum team members -- and a few good practices

Agile Metrics for Organizational Productivity

10/28/2014 by Sriramasundararajan Rajagopalan

How to Become a Certified Scrum Hijacker

10/23/2014 by Prabhu Missier

25 ways to hijack Scrum