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Ken Rubin

Ken Rubin is a Scrum trainer and coach and the first Managing Director of the ScrumAlliance. He is the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process.

Latest Post

Enterprise Misalignment: The #1 Threat to Long-Term Success with Agile

For years, I have been hearing that agile and Scrum have crossed the chasm—that agile has made the leap from being a new and unproven idea to more of an industry standard. I just don't think that&#...

Mike Cohn

Participating in agile projects since 1995, Mike Cohn is an agile trainer, consultant and author of Succeeding with Agile, Agile Estimating and Planning and User Stories Applied.

Latest Post

The Case Against Sprint Zero: How to Stop Stalling and Start Sprinting

Projects do not spring to life fully formed--that is, staffed and ready to be worked on. To address these pre-project tasks, many teams use something that they call "sprint zero." I understand

Pete Deemer

Pete Deemer has spent the last 20+ years leading teams building products and services at global companies. He is the lead author of The Scrum Primer, as well as The Distributed Scrum Primer, a guide to multi-location Scrum.

Latest Post

Evil Hacker Prioritization

New Product Owners often struggle with assigning a priority and business value to Product Backlog Items.  A common refrain is “all my PBI’s are must-have! And they’re all maximum value...

Steve Denning

Steve Denning works with international organizations on leadership, innovation, business narrative, and radical management.

Latest Post

The Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy 2015 Report

In 2015, Scrum Alliance® formed an exciting new Learning Consortium with 11 organizations to learn about the implications of innovative management practices under the emerging Creative Economy, such as t...

Craig Larman

Craig Larman is a consultant, author, and co-creator of LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum). He helps clients apply the LeSS framework for scaling lean thinking and agile development to large, multisite, and offshore development.

Latest Post

Less Agile or LeSS Agile?

I recently read a description of agile and Scrum as having the goal, “... your organization can increase speed and predictability, all while optimizing existing teams.” Boy, that was depressing. ...

Michele Sliger

A self-described “bridge builder,” Michele has spent the last 15 years helping those in traditional software development environments cross the bridge to agility.

Latest Post

Agents of Organizational Change: ScrumMasters as Mediators and Negotiators

When Scrum teams self-organize, what's a former project manager to do? Time to brush up on your mediation and negotiation skills as an agent of organizational change.

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