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Marcos Garrido
Marcos Garrido
Team K21


25-26 January, 2018
Boca Raton, FL, United States of America
Modernizing Medicine
3600 FAU Boulevard
Fellowship Training Room
Boca Raton, FL 33431 United States of America
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Why learning CSPO with Knowledge21?

Master your Product Owner skills, learning from a trainer with global experience. Get your CSPO in a dynamic, interactive, hands-on and engaging class by discussing real scenarios and paradigm shifts. Be prepared to succeed in your Agile career and increase the Return on Investment of your products and services.

Product Owners are the ones responsible for defining your product strategy. Great Product Owners know how to design and share the vision efficiently, manage the Product Backlog and collaborate with the Team to maximize the Return on Investment of your products and services. We'll cover concepts such as Lean Startup, product metrics, strategy, how to write user stories, do backlog management techniques, prioritization techniques, etc

What will you learn during the class?

The two days (16 hour) CSPO course is focused on the Product Owner role. Immersed in group discussions, group assignments, real life cases and group dynamics, you will learn:

  • What a Product Owner is and is not;
  • What a Product Owner does and does not;
  • Responsibilities of a Product Owner;
  • How to write effective User Stories;
  • Main virtues of a great Product Owner;
  • How to prioritize your Product Backlog to maximize the ROI;
  • ROI calculation (Return on Investment);
  • Maximization of value delivered to your customers;
  • Lean Startup and Agile techniques such as MVP and Validation Board.

What will you receive after completing the course?

Successfully completing the CSPO course, you´ll receive:

  • The Scrum Alliance Product Owner Certification;
  • The complete Knowledge21´s material used during the training;
  • Two-year Scrum Alliance membership;
  • 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs)
  • 14 PDUs from PMI.

Re-take the course with no charge:

Get twice the value. Attend again for more depth or to get a different perspective.

About Knowledge21

Knowledge21 is a global organization, present in Latin America, United States and Europe, focused on digital transformation of companies willing to become more Agile. All this global performance with coaching inside important companies, lectures in relevant agile events and hundreds of trainings, provide rich material to Knowledge21 classes.

Come with us and enjoy the opportunity of learning about agile methods in a dynamic, engaging and practical way. Explore our trainer's global experience to improve your Agile skills in many different scenarios.

About Marcos Garrido

Marcos Garrido

Marcos Garrido, MSc, has over two decades of experience in software development and product management, working full time with Agile Teams since 2008. Marcos is a Guest MBA professor of the Business School at the Catholic University, teaching the Agile mindset mostly to C-Level students. He also teaches Scrum, Lean Startup, Management 3.0 and Facilitation techniques around the globe.

Garrido spoke in several events throughout the world, including 12 Scrum Gatherings (São Paulo, Munich, Orlando (2x), New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro (4x), Phoenix, Porto and Prague) and major Agile events worldwide. His main interest areas include product management and digital transformation.

As part of the small group of 15 people in the United States with both CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach) and CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) certifications, Garrido has an extensive international experience. He’s coaching and teaching classes in Europe, USA and Latin America, achieving more than 3000 certified students in more than 200 classes so far.

Garrido has strong coaching skills, helping corporations to understand the challenges of Agile and Digital transformation and guiding them to achieve outstanding results. 


  • Agile Mindset
    • Agile Manifesto, values and principles
  • What Scrum is?
    • Why Scrum?
    • Benefits and advantages
  • Scrum Foundations
    • Roles
    • Events
    • Artifacts
  •  Product Owner
    • Characteristics
    • Responsibilities
    • How to define who's gonna be your PO
    • Product Owner's role in a Sprint
  • Product Backlog Management
    • Definitions
    • Building your Product Backlog
    • Estimation 
    • Prioritization techniques
    • User Stories
    • Acceptance Criteria
    • Backlog Refinement
    • Definition of "Done"
    • Definition of "Ready"
  • Release Planning
    • How often should I release?
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Strategy
  • Managing Vision and Roadmaps
    • Product Vision
    • Techniques to improve your Vision
    • What is a Roadmap?
    • Story Mapping
  • Lean Startup
    • Building MVP's
    • Validation Board
    • Hypothesis x Requirements
    • Metrics
    • Strategy
  • Return on Investment (ROI)